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Who We Are

Professional Barbers

Welcome to Trojan Barbers! Based in Chichester, West Sussex, our main aim is to give our customers the full experience when they visit us.

Not only do you receive a high-quality and stylish haircut, but you will feel you can relax and kick back – with a free pool table and a free beer!

We also bring to you a touch of the Mediterranean with our Troy-themed treatments and decor.

With all this combined, you really feel like you are having a mini-holiday!

Our head gladiator is Mario – originally from Transylvania in Romania. Many people know Transylvania has the most beautiful Carpathian mountains, and it is also famous for its fantastic nature and the famous history of Vlad Dracula!

In his childhood, Mario remembers his Father trimming his hair all the time from age 9/10.

“On my 11th birthday, my father gave me clippers and scissors as a gift and asked me to give him a haircut.

I said straight yes I can try. I gave him a very good trim at the end, to which he was surprised.

This was the first time but not the last time I realised I wanted to be a barber. I started to give haircuts for free to my friends, family, etc. After a while, I realised all my neighbourhood wanted to appreciate my work too.

At age 15 I started to work in the city for a famous hair salon till age 18. I then realised, I wanted to explore this industry of the Barber LifeStyle.

I left my Country at age 18 far away from home, family and, friends.

My first destination was Spain to learn more about barber life. Then I travelled to Italy, Belgium Germany, and lastly the United Kingdom.

As I’ve now been cutting hair for 13 years, I am so pleased to be your personal barber in Chichester!”

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Our Story

Professional Barbers
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Pride in Each Service

Experience top-notch grooming and style transformations at our barber shop, where precision cuts and expertly crafted beard trims are our specialties. Indulge in the ultimate gentlemen’s grooming experience with our range of services tailored to enhance your unique style.

The Trojan Skin Fade

Get a TROJAN Skin Fade haircut –  a hair wash, ear singeing, nose wax, hot towel and neck razor shave.


HECTOR Haircut


Feel like HECTOR with a normal/classic haircut – classic hair cut, hair wash, clipper cut or scissors cut, nose wax, hot towel, neck razor shave, eyebrow trimming, head massage, and ear singeing.


PARIS Facial mask

Get a facial mask with hot towel wash, nose wax, eyebrow trimming, neck shave, ear singeing.


NESTOR The Full Service

The NESTOR Steam machine, haircut /beard trimming, hair wash, eyebrow, ear singeing, nose wax, wax on the ear, facial cream, razor shave,wax /gel, massage


ACHILLES The Full Monty

Get a haircut with beard trimming razor shave, hot towel, neck shave, eyebrow trimming, ear singeing, hot towel, nose wax, Trojan facial, and head massage (but don’t leave your hat on). 



Get a clean beard shave with the TROJAN razor, facial mask, wash, ear singeing, hot towel, face cream, and eyebrow trimming.


HECUBA The Young Gladiator haircut

Be a Troy in the making with the scissors and clipper cut, blow dry, wax, or gel. This is for 2 – 14-year-olds.



You are never too old for a haircut, hair wash, TROJAN hot towel, and ear singeing.


* Trojan Barbers will also assess your hair and scalp health, and recommend treatments and products best for your hair.